Bakery Classes in Chandigarh

Top 5 Bakery Classes in Chandigarh | Don’t Miss 3rd One

The “bakery” technique is estimated to be 6,500 years old. In 2,600 BC, the Egyptians were the first recorded civilization to use yeast and bake bread. Furthermore, in the 13th century, they baked “kaka”, now called fruitcake and gingerbread. But since then, there have been many changes introduced in the baking technique. In fact, nowadays, cakes, cookies, candies, custards, frozen desserts, and other baking items are available in multiple flavors. However, if you too wish to learn these mouth-watering recipes, enrolling yourself in a bakery class is a one-stop solution!

Commercially, people are using baking as a profession. Over the world, there are many renowned bakeries like Tartin, Haziz Mustasa, E5 Bakehouse, and more. Consequently,  you can also learn baking from a profitable point of view. It will help you enhance the flavor and aroma of your special snacks. Those who have been baking at home know that bakery classes can expand the possibility of making healthier food. As people are moving from deep-fried stuff to baked goodies, learning baking can be fruitful for any individual.

In Chandigarh, there are many famous and pre-eminent bakery classes. And to help you book from the best, we have shared a list of the top 5 bakery institutes. You can check their services and USPs to make a correct decision.

Let’s begin!

Institute of Hotel Management and Catering Technology

Chandigarh Institute of Hotel Management and Catering Technology is one of the most reputed colleges for professional bakery study. They offer vigilant bakery classes in Chandigarh, along with meticulous cooking lessons and management studies for budding hotels and catering businesses.

Other than this, they also promise campus placements and training into varied famous bakeries, hotels, and restaurants across Chandigarh and nearby areas. So if you are a young mind passionate about cake making, then the Institute of Hotel Management and Catering Technology is the perfect place to visit. Their decades’ worth of experience and world-renowned expertise in the bakery field will enable you to explore your passion for baking a pastry in an unprecedented manner. Call them now and book a class!

  • Address: Road, Near State Bank Of India, Sector 42, Chandigarh, 160036
  • Phone number: 0172-2676024
  • Timing: 10:00 AM – 7:00 PM

Food Craft Institute

This is another professional institute to learn amazing bakery techniques in Chandigarh. Their bakery classes are among the top-rated ones focusing on teaching their students cooking, serving food techniques, and managing the catering service on their own.

Also, their teachers are experts in the cooking industry. This institute will surpass your expectations from teaching detailed technical knowledge, supreme elegance, and artistry of presentation to how every single baked creation made by a student can be a delicious work of art. So you can trust them without any second thoughts. Call them now and book a class for yourself!

  • Address: F 156-157 Phase 8B, Mohali, Chandigarh, Punjab, 160067
  • Timing: 9:00 AM – 9:00 PM
  • Phone Number: 98880-67777
  • Website:

Ek Roop Creations Cooking and Baking Classes

Located in the heart of Chandigarh, the Ek Roop Creations Cooking and Baking Classes is a major destination where you can learn to make bakery goods either for your consumption or for commercial use. The teachers here will offer you complete knowledge and technique of baking perfect and delicious cakes, muffins, bread, biscuits, and other confectionery items. They also offer personalized attention to every student. So you can contact them today to understand other critical information. Begin your baking journey now!

  • Address: 3710, Near Gurudwara, UT, Sector 46C, Chandigarh, 160047
  • Timings: 11:00 AM – 3:00 PM
  • Phone Number: 98727-40093

Ritu’s Cooking Classes

Ritu’s cooking class is yet another famous name when it comes to the best place to learn the art of bakery goods in Chandigarh. With a personal touch and special attention on each of their students, the teachers here provide information on overall baking techniques and methods. From cakes, pies, to tarts, biscuits, one can learn to bake everything here. It is one of Chandigarh’s prestigious cake decoration and skill training classes and a home for those who want to explore and develop their icing style, encouraging hands-on work. So without any hassle, pick this accomplished class for making your baking journey exciting than ever. They will surely convert you into expert bakers!

  • Address: House No 81, Sector 28-A, Chandigarh, 160002
  • Phone Number: 94171-40815
  • Timings: 12:00 PM – 2:00 PM

Cooking Simply

Though Cooking Simply doesn’t have a fancy name, it surely vouches to be one of the best places in Chandigarh that offers unique and skilled bakery classes. Situated in the heart of the city beautiful, Cooking Simply is another home-run bakery class that provides cooking and baking lessons to students of all age groups. So whether you are 19 or 49, you can call them today to understand their baking classes better. Additionally, the aspirant chefs can enjoy these classes, learning to bake cakes easily. Their guidance will help everyone open a bakery within a few months. Book an appointment right away!

  • Address: Sector 21 D, Chandigarh, 160022
  • Phone Number: 098728-81440
  • Timings: 8:00 AM – 10:00 PM

To conclude

There is a massive variety of baked goods that you can make – enroll in a bakery class and learn the tricky techniques to bake a cake, candy, muffin, pudding, bread, or other desserts. You can contact these classes on the given details and learn in detail about the fees and course structure for a month, week, or year. Learn, practice, and become a delightful baker!

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