GMAT Coaching Institutes in Chandigarh

Top 5 GMAT Coaching Institutes in Chandigarh (With Fees and Duration)

One of the most cardinal examinations conducted every year for students aspiring to pursue business management courses globally is GMAT. The Graduate Management Admission Test is designed and managed by GMAC to provide common standards to business schools for selecting academic-level graduate work candidates.

So if you are committed to the GMAT, this blog will be really beneficial for you as we have detailed all about GMAT preparation. You must have heard success stories of students who have cracked the GMAT exam without any coaching. But in the competitive environment, to boost your performance and propel your GMAT preparation in the correct direction, it is critical to select the best GMAT coaching institute in Chandigarh. A good coaching institute will help you to tune yourself as per the GMAT exam pattern and provide you with test papers that will hone your results.

Before scouting the most popular GMAT coaching centres, let us first understand what the GMAT examination is?

GMAT is a computer adaptive test, developed to examine analytical skills, quantitative and verbal skills, and reading skills. The scores of the GMAT test are evaluated as part of the application for graduate-level business and management schools. The test software adapts to your performance as you move ahead while taking it. The performance of each question determines the difficulty level of the next question. Therefore, the scores are calculated on your ability to solve the right questions (difficult ones) and not just the maximum number.

The GMAT exam has four sections: 

  1. Analytical writing analysis (AWA): This section of the test measures your critical ability to communicate your ideas. During this section, the student is asked to analyze the reasoning behind a given argument and write a critique for that argument. The duration of the AWA section is 30 minutes. One topic has to be critiqued at this time.
  1. Integrated reasoning (IR): This section evaluates the skills that you require to succeed in this technologically advanced and data-driven world. The students have to evaluate information presented in multiple formats from distinct sources. The section contains 12 questions ( on multi-source reasoning, graphic interpretation, two-part analysis, and table analysis ) that have to be solved in 30 minutes.
  1. Quantitative section: This section calculates your ability to analyze data and draw conclusions with reasoning skills. The difficulty level of the mathematical questions is no more than taught in secondary school classes. The section offers 31 questions on problem-solving and data sufficiency that have to be solved in 62 minutes.
  1. Verbal Section: This part measures your ability to read and understand written material, evaluate arguments, and correct the material according to the standard written English. The section contains 36 questions (on reading comprehension, critical reasoning, and sentence correction ) that have to be solved in 65 minutes.

Why Choose GMAT?

  1. More than 7000 business and management programs worldwide count on the GMAT scores. This exam helps you to showcase the skills required for a business school.
  2. The test is available around the world in state-of-the-art facilities designed to provide an exception test-taking experience so that you perform your best.
  3. This exam is a proven predictor of your ability and helps you to elevate your skills from the rest of the pack.
  4. It connects you with best-fit programs through personalized recommendations and increases your earning potential by opening world opportunities for you.
  5. For more than 60 years, GMAT has been the most frequently used exam for MBA admissions.
  6. 9 out of 10 MBA enrollments are made using GMAT score and it is valid for 5 years.

To help you select the best platform for GMAT coaching, we have segregated these GMAT coaching institutes in Chandigarh from the rest, based on past results, quality of training classes provided, and the fee structure. Without further ado, let’s pick the best GMAT Coaching Institute and register for robust training:

New Cambridge College: 

New Cambridge College

  • Location: SCO 80-81-82, Top Floor, Sector 17-D, Chandigarh.
  • Contact Numbers: 09878-222-772
  • Website:
  • Course Duration and Speciality: New Cambridge is one of the most reliable institutes in Chandigarh to take GMAT coaching. With a well-established team of experienced and professional trainers, this institute backs upon the ultra-modern study material that is helpful for an average student. This prominent GMAT coaching institute in Chandigarh has a course duration of 2 months in regular classes and three months for the weekend program. All the students are provided with proper study notes and abundant practice tests for cracking some of the prominent competitive exams.

Fee Charges:

  • They offer the GMAT coaching at Rs 19,600

Prominent Features:

  • This GMAT coaching institute provides doubt classes other than the regular batches.
  • They have excellent infrastructure and well-qualified and experienced teachers.
  • Every student is allotted a specific computer system, frequent mock tests; and sectional tests are also conducted using a specially designed test portal, which is valid for 6 months.
  • New Cambridge institute also offers counseling sessions free of cost for aspiring students who are confused in selecting the correct path for achieving their goals.
  • The institute also offers 1-year validity of repeat sessions which is great for students who wish to attempt the test late or more than once.


  • Location: Sector 36-D Chandigarh
  • Website:
  • Contact Number: 076960 77016
  • Course Duration and Speciality: TIMES provides two courses for GMAT training. The classroom training course is for 64 hours and Correspondence training is of 6 months from the date of enrollment. The institute is built on the learning and experience of more than 40 IIT and IIM graduates.

Fee Structure:

  • The fee for the GRE course is INR 21,950

Prominent Features: 

  • The institutes provide 8 full-length computer-based tests and 10 computer adaptive tests.
  • They provide detailed study material; guidance on university selection; and one-to-one doubt clarification sessions.

Career Launcher:

Career Launcher

  • Location: 2nd floor, 451-452, 35C, Sector 35, Chandigarh, 160035
  • Website:
  • Contact Number:0172 400 0666
  • Course Duration and Speciality: The institute started 20 years ago by a group of experienced educationists. It provides classroom programs and weekend programs for 80 hours and 3 hours (each weekend) respectively.

Fee Structure:

  • INR 40,000

Prominent Features:

  • The institute provides quick and aggressive programs, touching basics and introducing strategies to crack the GMAT examination. Overall coaching is acknowledged by many students.

Bulls Eye:

hit bulls eye

  • Location: SCO 90, Near Allahabad Bank, Madhya Marg, Sector 8C
  • Number:0172 461 1111
  • Website:
  • Course Duration and Speciality: This is one of the most reputed GMAT coaching institutes in Chandigarh. The course duration is for 2.5 months (weekend batch).

Fee Structure:

  • The course fee is INR 22,000

Prominent Features:

Bullseye Chandigarh is the name to reckon with in the educational arena that grooms students for various entrance exams like GMAT, GRE, MBA, and SAT. It conducts small batches and ensures personal attention to each student.



  • Location: SCO 451-452, Sector 35-C, Chandigarh, 160035
  • Website:
  • Contact Number: 097790 46382
  • Course Duration and Speciality: ACCT institute is present over pan India and provides GMAT coaching in Chandigarh. It helps generate a competitive spirit in the students that allows them to yield better results. The course duration includes 40 classes (20 grouped and 20 individual). They also provide 5 individual doubt classes.

Fee Structure:

  • GMAT Coaching is for INR 30,000

Prominent Features:

  • The institute is backed by highly qualified professional trainers; they train and nurture the students to achieve their goals.

The fees mentioned above for each GMAT Coaching Institute may vary. We recommend the students to get in touch with the institutes as some of the institutes even have early morning and late evening batches to make the learning more convenient for you. Grasp intricate information before enrolling in any institute. So, that is all about the Top 5 GMAT coaching Institutes in Chandigarh.

Now, let us circle back to the frequently asked questions for choosing the best GMAT coaching center in Chandigarh:

#QUESTION 1: How to register for GMAT?

ANSWER: You can register for GMAT at the official GMAT website. After creating an account you can select the desired day, date, and time for taking the test.

#QUESTION 2: How often can you take the GMAT test?

ANSWER: You can give the GMAT test up to five times every 12 months. 1/3rd of students retake the GMAT test. In fact, business schools will not consider you less if your scores improve with each test. About 10% of the candidates take the test three to four times.

#QUESTION 3: How long does it take to prepare for GMAT?

ANSWER: The time that you should spend on GMAT preparation depends on your current skill level, your target score, and your circumstances. However, it is advised to start studying three months before giving the final exam. Study throughout the week (approx 10 hours a week). To become familiar with the nuances of the test along with the study material, start six months before. Target your weaknesses and improve them.

#QUESTION 4: What is the duration of the exam?

ANSWER: The GMAT test takes 3.5 hours to complete including the brakes.

#QUESTION 5: What is a computerized adaptive test?

ANSWER: The computerized adaptive test adjusts to your skill level in real-time. The algorithm determines the level of difficulty for the questions you solve; your answers; and your scores are given based on that. At the beginning of the examination, you will get questions on the “medium” difficulty level. If you give wrong answers to them, you get easier questions.

#QUESTION 6: Is a calculator available for the GMAT test? ANSWER: During the integrated reasoning section of the test, you will get an on-screen calculator with basic functions. However, the quant test does not include any calculator. But do not worry! No exact or detailed calculations are asked for.

#QUESTION 7: How is GMAT scored and what is a good score?

ANSWER: The four sections of the GMAT are scored individually. The total score lies between 200 to 800 (it reflects the combination of your verbal and quant score). You will also get individual verbal and quant scores (between 0 and 60). In integrated reasoning, you get a score from 1-8. However, the analytical writing section is assessed by two graders. An average GMAT score is 550, but you will need 600 or more to get admission to the top 50 business schools. For the top ten schools, more than 700 scores are demanded. And for the elite programs, you need a score of 720 or higher.

#QUESTION 8: When do we get the final GMAT scores?

ANSWER: Immediately after you take the test you will get scores for all the sections except the analytical writing assessment. An official score report is received approximately 20 days after the GMAT test. You can choose 5 schools to send your scores to. They will also receive your result within 20 days of the test. Now that you have understood the basic pointers about GMAT examination preparation and structure. Go through the above-discussed GMAT coaching institutes in Chandigarh and select the best.

The duration of preparation varies from student to student depending on their grasping capability. You can also add to your scores by creating an impressive work history (such as rewards or special recognition). Give yourself time to prepare for the test. All the Best!

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